Monday, September 17, 2012

the experiment begins

I do not claim in the slightest to be a writer.  With that warning said, I am going to try and write about whatever moves me at the moment, whether it is my growing up in NYC or what the stupid cable company is doing to mess with me at any given time, and anything and everything in between.

Thanks to those that told me how to set this up (no names to protect the guilty) 

...and now I guess I have to think of something to write about... hmmm, didn't plan on having to write anything profound just yet, since I had no idea I was actually going to follow through with this crazy idea.   So Ooops, you'd think I'd learn but that's what happens when I have an impulsive moment.   But at least now I have a place to put my ramblings.  
I'll be back when I think of something worth mentioning. (Please... don't hold your breath, it may be a while and I'd hate to be responsible for your turning blue)

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